Core i7 Dodo

I just noticed that the new Core i7 chips are out (as of September 2009). See this tom’s hardware article.

The new i7-860 and i7-870 chips are 95W instead of 130W. But the thing that makes the i7-9xx series a dodo is that the 8xx series is dual memory channel, not triple. Motherboard support for LGA 1156 is already huge, and prices are already below $80. Nobody is buying the expensive X58 boards now, and there won’t be any pressure to decrease the price.

So that’s it. I now own the last of the triple-channel CPU solutions that we’ll be seeing for a long time [if ever]. Along with it goes the LGA 1366 socket, which loses to the LGA 1156 socket. And X58 gives way to P55. The new chip line is “Core i7 for LGA 1156”. It is an i7, but not really.

There are some articles mentioning “Gulftown” i9 – a CPU with six cores and 32nm manufacturing, set to release 2010Q2. I’m taking a wait-and-see attitude.

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