Lot Area Calculator


Welcome to the Lot Area Calculator, aka the Irregular Polygon Area Calculator.


The original purpose was to calculate real state lot sizes when only the outside distances are provided, e.g. 110x80x130x80


The correct area of an irregular polygon can not be calculated from only the lengths of the segments. Additional angle information is required to further specify the polygon in order to calculate its area. For example, the 110x80x130x80 polygon can range in area from (approximately) 1,905 to 9,564 [unit independent – go ahead, try it in the applet].


Version 1.2. Last update: 2010/July/23

JNLP Web Application

(Updated 2017/Dec) Security restrictions are making ‘applet’ tags useless. Try out the Lot Area Web Application (JNLP). This application requires no extra permissions. However, since the Java team seems to hate their own product, and because it is self-signed, you will still get a dialog saying “… limited permissions … check to allow” the first time you run the application. You’ll have to decide whether to run the application or not.


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