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Amazon S3 ETag Advanced Information

You are probably here because you looked at one of your S3 object’s ETag, and it had a dash character (“-“) in it. Most of your other ETag values are simple and correct md5sum hashes. But this one is weird. … Continue reading

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FreeNas 11 ZFS Replace Failed Drive

This documents the steps to replace a failed drive in a mirror configuration in FreeNAS 11.1-U7. This process is really easy with FreeNAS. This scenario is in contrast to replacing a failed drive before it fails (in a Centos “ad-hoc” … Continue reading

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Hadoop Terasort VirtualBox benchmarks

Setup: 3-node hadoop (hdp v2.6.1), installed via Ambari 2.5.1 and running in VirtualBox 5.1 on one physical machine. The terasort is traditionally run on 1 terabyte of random data (SIZE=10,000,000,000). In 2008, Yahoo! ran terasort on 1TB of data in … Continue reading

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