Gradle with Local Archiva

This shows the way to get gradle to use a local Archiva server to resolve dependencies (where the Archiva server in turn resolves to maven central).

(Side comment: documentation for gradle is sparse, incomplete and out-of-date – e.g. ‘mavenRepo’ shows up in many searches.)

So, if you’re interested in how to use a local Apache Archiva server in your environment, then this shows the correct ‘repositories’ section of your build.gradle file. In an upcoming post, I’ll document how to publish to your local Archiva server. Feel free to substitute “localhost” for the actual machine name or IP address of your Archiva server.

archiva: 2.0.1
gradle: 1.10

repositories {
   maven {
     url 'http://localhost:8080/repository/internal'
   maven {
     url 'http://localhost:8080/repository/snapshots'

  // if your Archiva is set up correctly, 
  // then you don't need mavenCentral() here:
  //  mavenCentral()

Just for documentation, this shows the “dependencies” section of the build.gradle file. If your Archiva is set up correctly, these 3 dependencies will actually download/store 8 .jar files (because of transitive dependencies).

dependencies {
  testCompile group: 'info.cukes',   name: 'cucumber-java',    version: '1.1.5'
  testCompile group: 'info.cukes',   name: 'cucumber-junit',   version: '1.1.5'
  testCompile group: 'junit',        name: 'junit',            version: '4+'

Files that end up in your apache-archiva/repositories directory (showing just the .jar files):


Documentation – The good stuff: — shows the change from mavenRepo to maven. – now NOT to set up your repositories entry.

More Documentation – The list of things that don’t work:

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