Secret Share 1.4.2 on Maven Central

Secret Share in Java on Maven Central

Just completed a release of the Secret Share in Java project to Maven Central.

Search for it using

GroupId: com.tiemens
ArtifactId: secretshare
Version: 1.4.2

This release features a “simplex” matrix solver implementation (Thanks to Pat J) that greatly speeds up the “combine” operation, and greatly increases the number of shares that can be handled.

Sonatype Notes:

First, run the “uploadArchives” target. Make sure all of the uploads report no error (e.g. “Transferring nnnK” matches “Uploaded nnnK”.

Second, go to the sonatype console at
The Sonatype web interface continues to be “less than optimal”. First, if that link does not display the menu item “Build Promotion” on the left hand side, you must switch browsers (to IE).

Once you can see those menu items, select “Staging Repositories”, then enter the search string. If the result line does not have a “select check box” on the left hand side of the line, then you will need to find yet another browser (or you have entered your search in the wrong mode – you must be in “Staging Repositories”, not the generic search). Once you can see that check box, select it, and details will appear in the window below. In addition, the button row, starting with “Refresh”, will now show a “Close” button. Push it. Wait a minute, navigate away from the page and then back, and when you select it it will show a “Release” button. Push that.

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