Vue.js carousel State Fair

This is the announcment page for Minnesota State Fair Space Tower.

This was the “next level of difficulty” for Vue.js. It involved using vue-cli to create the webpack-simple basis for the project, then learning how to incorporate components into the project (in this project, that was Vue Carousel), and learning the npm run build and how to export that to a static web page.

Because of the (ridiculously) heavy-weight build process, it took a while to get going. And, it still has a “root” (aka “leading slash”) problem in the final build.js. It also has JavaScript that has the beginnings of a “cache-bust” technique, aka src=”dist/IMG_3107.jpg?1974a0f53e964bb24495a619408dbaf3″, but the dist directory itself only has the short-name “IMG_3107.jpg”.

Overall, still pretty simple, and holds lots of promise as an AngularJS replacement.

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