JRebirth quick evaluation

Want to see how you can quickly tell that somebody wrote 79,695 lines of Java on a completely wasted library/framework? Watch how quickly JRebirth comes to a head-slap fail:

1) Visit http://www.jrebirth.org/
2) Under Documentation, click on Installation, create the build.gradle
3) Under Documentation, click on “Create your first Application”
4) Create .java for SampleApplication – find out it depends on SampleModel. Ok, then
5) Create .java for SampleModel — find out it depends on SampleView

Hard fail.

A model that has a compile-dependency on the view? “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Dig a bit further into the source code, and you see the phrase “the class type of the view managed by this model” over and over. The model managing the view?

A model never depends on a view in order to compile, for one simple reason: a correctly designed model can support multiple views simultaneously.

There is no reason to investigate JRebirth further – their project went off the rails at step one.

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