Video Card Relative Benchmarks

Name Bench mark CUDA cores Tensor cores Notes
RTX 4090?16,384?24GB GDDR6X $1600 2022/Sep
RTX 4080?9,72830416GB GDDR6X $1200 2022/Sep
RTX 4080?7,68024012B GDDR6X $900 2022/Sep
RTX 3090Ti29,34210,75233624GB GDDR6X
RTX 3080Ti27,25010,24032012GB GDDR6X $900 sale 2022/Sep [$1200 at launch 2021/May]
RTX 3070Ti23,5876,144192
RTX 307022,2665,888184$500 release price 2020/oct, sold out still in 2021/nov
RTX 3060Ti20,3984,864152Nvidia founders edition $400, in stock 2022/Oct
RTX 208018,685
RTX 207016,2392560320$500 as of 2021/may
GTX 108014,800
GTX 9709,639
RADEON 5706,967
GTX 1050Ti6,332$240 release price;
$300 in 2021/nov
GTX 750Ti3,921
GTS 250613
GeForce 8400GS115


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