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Teraflops Comparison

Documenting some various GPU hardware Name TFLOPssingle precision TFLOPStensor perf (FP16) TFLOPS(FP16-Sparse) Tensorcores CUDA cores RAM RTX 3080Ti 34.1 136 273 320 10,240 12 GB V100 (specs) 14 112 640 5,120 16 GB RTX3070 20.31 184 5,888 8 GB GTX … Continue reading

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AWS EC2 GPU instance comparison

These are the results from running the ml-style-transfer project on three different AWS EC2 instance types. Instance Name $Cost/hour 250 epochs 2,500 epochs 50,000 epochs p3.2xlarge $3.06 14s$0.0119 55s$0.0468 928s$0.7888 t2.large $0.093 849s$0.0219 14,676s$0.3791 293,520s(extrapolated)$7.5826 c5.4xlarge $0.68 221s$0.0417 2,152s$0.4065 43,040(extrapolated)$8.1298 … Continue reading

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Read, Do, Aha

This is a variation of “Be, Do, Have” (“Be, Do Have” == Be a photographer, Do take a bunch of photos, and then Have/Buy expensive equipment). It records my recent epiphany in Machine Learning. This variation is “Read, Do, Aha”. … Continue reading

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Another Dell SFF

The goal of this machine was, well, it was basically too inexpensive to pass up. It was refurbished, from SJ Computers LLC. It arrived in a box that used the standard “conform to interior” expanding foam, and was very well … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 22.04 VNC stops working

My Ubuntu 22.04 virtual machine has been constantly turning off (crashing?) the VNC server. This is the VNC server that is built-in under Settings -> Sharing -> Remote Desktop -> Enable Legacy VNC Protocol. One way to restart the VNC … Continue reading

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