Brother HL-2170W wifi

Having upgraded the wifi device, and changing the SSID and passphrase, the Brother HL-2170W printer needed to be updated.

First, the “easy button” just failed. Never worked. Which I recall happened the last time I set up this printer.

Next was the factory reset to get the wired interface to listen again – turn off power, hold “Go” button, turn on power, press “Go” button 7 times.

Then press “Go” 3 times to print the connection information – see page 3, “Network Configuration”, “IP Settings” – mine said “ (via DHCP)”.

Then, browse to that address, press “Network Configuration”, (default credentials are user/access and admin/access).

This is where the fun begins…

On the screen find the “* Configure Wireless” link. Press that.
Key Setting: Communication Mode = “1) Infastructure Mode” (do not use ad-hoc)
Setting: Authentication Method = “WPA/WPA2-PSK”
Key Setting: Encryption Mode = “AES”
Skip all the of WEP Key fields.
Setting: Passphrase = “<>”

Push submit. It says “data submitted”, then says “if ethernet cable plugged in, unplug it”. Unplug ethernet. Wait.

Finally, the printer will print 1 page of “NETWORK CONFIGURATION”.
Check the IP Address and make sure the “Link Status” says “Link OK”.

Browse to the wifi IP address. Confirm everything is working.

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